this week’s Ecological surveys

This week has been a busy one for surveying ecology on the stream and pond.

On Wednesday evening Louise and Anna did an informal bat survey. As it began to get dark, the bats emerged: Common and Soprano Pipistrelles were plentiful along the stream and a Daubenton was very active over the pond at the allotments. Noctule and brown-long eared bats were also possibly detected – further survey work will be needed to confirm their presence.

On Thursday afternoon, Bob Gomes carried out an aquatic invertebrate survey on the Westbrook (at West Street Bridge and Chart Mills) – to supplement the one he conducted last summer. David assisted and Anna looked on as a whole host of invertebrates were found including worms, flatworms, leeches, water mites, caddisfly larvae, snails, gammarus and beetles . More detail and a comparison with the survey last year and implications for the management of the stream will follow, but as we found last year more interest was found in the gravel areas than the silty ones. This suggests that our work to scour the silt and increase the gravels along the stream is the right one. Thanks very much to Bob for doing this survey again.

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