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Stonebridge Pond – new signage

Thanks to Faversham Town Council who have installed a new sign at the duck feeding area at Stonebridge Pond, one in a suite of signs that they will be designing and installing across the town.

Members of The Friends of the Westbrook & Stonebridge Pond wrote the text (thanks in particular to Laurence Young), the photographs were provided courtesy of Bob Gomes and the Faversham Society supplied the image of Davington Priory.

The focus of the sign is the best food to feed to ducks (ie alternatives to white bread such as peas, corn, oats, seeds and chopped lettuce), but there’s also lots of fantastic photographs of birdlife on the pond as well as quite a bit of history.

Thank you very much to the Town Council, especially Claire Windridge and Adam Andrews, for creating and installing this sign and to all the volunteers in our group who spent a long time preparing the text and images.